About Us

Welcome to ThunderBayCo, where creativity meets craftsmanship! We specialize in crafting wood custom laser cut signs that add a touch of elegance & personalization to your space. Whether it’s a wedding, a kid’s room, a baby shower, or a holiday celebration, our signs are designed to make your moments truly memorable.


Our Craftsmanship:


Materials: We work with birch plywood and MDF to create stunning signs. Our focus is intricate designs & a smooth finish.


Customization: No two signs are alike! We offer a wide range of customization options, including various sizes, fonts, & colors.


Laser-Cut Precision: Our laser-cutting technology ensures precise & clean edges, resulting in beautiful, intricate designs.


Our Passion:


Customer Satisfaction: We’re not just passionate about signs; we’re obsessed with customer satisfaction. Your happiness is our top priority, and we go the extra mile to exceed your expectations.


Small Business Spirit: As a small business, we pour our heart and soul into every creation. When you choose ThunderBayCo, you’re supporting a local endeavor fueled by passion and dedication.


Etsy Stardom: We’re proud to be a star seller on Etsy, where our unique designs have captured hearts worldwide. Join our growing community of satisfied customers! Click here to see our Etsy Store.


Thank you for choosing us to be a part of your story =)

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